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Did you know that natural remedies like music can aid pain management?

Are you at your wits’ end trying to find effective pain management? From chronic pain to pain caused by temporary illness, when you’re physically hurting, you may find that important parts of your life are put on hold. However, as a natural and non-invasive remedy, Alphamusic could provide the pain relief you’ve been searching for.

pain management Multiple studies have been held in order to research the pain relieving effects that music can have on those that are suffering. Cases have included those having a filling all the way through to those undergoing chemotherapy for cancer. As a mode of pain management which is growing in influence day by day, pain relief music is routinely demonstrating the ability to alleviate pain.

When the body experiences pain, electrochemical signals travel from the site of injury to the base of the spinal cord, and then up into the brain. Once these signals reach the brain (in less than a second), different regions of the brain work together to produce a pain signal which is what you experience whenever you’re hurt. Studies into pain management have suggested that music can interfere with pain signals even before they reach the brain, meaning that the pain can be alleviated before it’s even been registered.

Further studies have found that music increases the release of the pleasing brain chemical dopamine, which could explain its role as a natural remedy for pain management. Research has also resulted in the finding that music can alleviate temporary or chronic pain due to its role as a welcome and pleasant distraction; sufferers find that pleasant music demands their attention in their minds, meaning that they aren’t focusing on injury and instead, the music affects their perception of their own pain.

Whilst medical intervention is clearly essential for those suffering with serious conditions, natural pain relief such as Alphamusic can help to alleviate the negative side effects and resulting pain that is necessary to treatment.

How can Alphamusic help you with pain management?

Alphamusic is a welcome distraction to those struggling with pain management, as the pleasing music is both calming and enjoyable, providing the user with an alternative focus for their attention. As a natural alternative to medical intervention, Alphamusic has been tried and tested by users all over the globe as an effective pain management aid.

Further than this, Alphamusic is founded upon scientific research that details how music positively affects the brainwaves in the mind. As such, Alphamusic regulates the ‘alpha’ waves in your brain, relaxing the body and mind into an extreme state of calm (referred to as the ‘alpha state’) which releases physical tension and allows the user to take away the spotlight from their pain. This is especially relevant to those suffering with chronic pain who have learned to notice the acute signals of their pain, as they are lulled into a state which distances them from their physical injury.

Are you interested in trying Alphamusic as an effective pain management method? Try one of our titles suggested down below, and experience just how Alphamusic works as a natural pain relief agent.
Silence of Peace vol1
Silence of Voice
Silence of Vision
For personal use, you can purchase the titles as either an MP3 download or a home use CD. For professional use, you can purchase a license to use the music as part of your therapies.

Silence of Peace vol1

    silence of peace
  • Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Concentration
  • Dyslexia, Dementia, Pain Relief
  • Autism, Animals, Phobias

Silence of Voice

    natural stress aid
  • Concentration
  • Pain Relief, Back Pain
  • Great study aid

Silence of Vision

    natural pain relief
  • Headaches, Pain relief
  • Tinnitus, healing
  • Study Aid, concentration

back pain Megan, who lives in the USA, suffers quite a lot from chronic back pain, a great deal of which could stem from being very overweight, and that in turn from an interesting underlying problem. Alysan told me that she felt that Megan doesn’t know what she really wants, she’s not able to explain her true feelings and thoughts and that’s part of her underlying problem. Megan reported far more than the ‘positive steps ’John had anticipated. On a visit to Cambridge UK to see her mother, Megan was able to walk through the long sprawling university pedestrianised city centre after listening to Silence of Voice. Previously she had not been able to walk for more than a few minutes without chronic back ache. It was a miracle!

immune boosting I felt miserable, super tired, sneezing, coughing, sinuses blocked, red eyes,
sniffing. Taking vitamins but they didn’t help until I tried
John Levine’s Alphamusic. Within ONE hour I felt my immune
system was boosted, my symptoms were gone! I was amazed!

* Stress and Anxiety
* Concentration and ADHD
* For Children
* Sleep and Insomnia