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The Alphamusic of John Levine™ is ideal for therapists. It is recommended by professionals including holistic therapists, massage therapists, hypnotherapists, psychologists, nutritionists, dentists, bowen treatment and reiki therapists, aromatherapists and more. Alphamusic™ is the perfect background music while giving treatment to gain maximum exceptional results.

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Alphamusic Set

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Licenses for therapists, schools, public performance

Are you a therapist and has recently been contacted by PRS or PPL? PRS can be very costly to anyone who regularly uses background music in their work. The Alphamusic of John Levine™ is suitable for any sort of therapy and is a cost effective solution. We offer a one year free license to play Alphamusic™. After the free year expires, a small fee of £31 will occur, which comes with 2 free downloads of your choice.

Q. What exactly is a Performance License anyway?
A. Musical compositions, like any other copyrighted material, are the legal property of their creators. Copyright owners have the exclusive right to perform their own musical works in public. All others must enter into a licensing agreement to perform the music. The concept of ‘public performance’ is central to copyright. If filmmakers, authors, playwrights, musicians, game designers etc. do not retain ownership of their works, then there is little incentive for them to continue creating high–quality works in the future.

Q. Do I really need a Performance License?
A. Yes! A license is required for all public performances including but not limited to using music in therapy (including one to one therapy sessions), playing music in public, playing music in hospital wards, radios etc. In addition to this being a requirement under civil legislation, it is important to obtain the appropriate license/s in order for composer, author, copyright owner to continue to produce more high quality titles and to support current work.

Q. How do I obtain my FREE one year SOM Alphamusic™ Therapist Performance License?
A. If you are new to Alphamusic™ and wish to play it during your therapy sessions, and have purchased recently your copy of any alphamusic title, please email us and request your free one year license.

Q. I am a psychologist/hypnotherapist/counsellor/etc., I record my voice over music to give or sell to my clients will this performance license cover this activity when using the Alphamusic of John Levine?
A. No. This will require a totally different license called a recording–publishing license. You are welcome to contact us to discuss options. If you would like to use the Alphamusic of John Levine™ in your practice, you need only obtain our specially discounted SOM Alphamusic™ Therapist Performance License.

Q. How do I renew my license?
You can either renew via phone or via bank transfer.
Yearly cost of license renewal is £31 and this comes with 2 free Alphamusic™ downloads of your choice

Phone: please call our numbers available in contact us tab

Bank transfer: please transfer £31 to the below account. Please email us once the transfer was done.
Account name: limited
Bank Name: HSBC
SORT CODE: 40-16-07
ACCOUNT NUMBER: 514 55 001

After the purchase was made, please email us at which 2 FREE downloads would you like to receive

There are sounds that really do elevate our spirit. As a student and teacher of yoga and esoteric meditation I love chanting for this reason. However, in our often secular world, it’s sometimes not appropriate to use mantras. In these situations I turn to Alphamusic because it is the only music I know that has a similar purity. It is wonderful for calming the mind and relaxing the body. I’ve been using Alphamusic cds for many years. When I teach yoga or meditation I often use them before the class starts (to help students settle down) or for the relaxation at the end. As a counsellor I sometimes play them in the background for myself in between clients (to help refresh), or occasionally for a client if they are waiting for me to be free. If my wife wants music to help sleep ’ the first thing she reaches for. We have over 10 cds now, including about 5 from the ‘silence of’ series, 3 Angel cds, Orange Grove, Emerald Forest and My Little Sea Shell. I’m sure as time goes on more will be added

music for therapist

Fateh, Director of CityZen, Kundalini Yoga, Mindfulness, Yoga Nidra and Tantric Buddhist Teacher

Concerned about the possible negative side effects of dental sedation on both my patients and staff, I incorporated natural drug–free methods such as the Alphamusic of John Levine™ with excellent results! Having a strong desire to offer his patients a drug–free alternative to conventional methods of sedation, he discovered the Alphamusic of John Levine™. Initially, from a recommendation by Patrick Holford, a world–renowned nutrition expert, Dr Malik began incorporating the use of Alphamusic™ to reduce dental phobia and aid relaxation. We use them in the waiting area of our dental clinic, our exclusive Recovery Spa™, and during patient treatment (with headphones), says Dr Malik. Levine’s Alphamusic™ is unique in that it is deliberately designed to induce a relaxed and meditative state in the brain by switching off the neurons associated with stress and anxiety. Happy Teeth dental surgery moves dentistry into the future thanks to Dr Malik’s in depth knowledge combining traditional dentistry with a truly holistic approach. Using relaxation techniques to ease the stress and dental anxiety level is one of Dr Malik’s fundamental principles on how to treat each of his patients.

therapy music

Dr Nader Malik, Dentist

People experience something incredible which can’t be described by words. Orange Grove Siesta CD is deeper than any other music I have tried. Its beautiful melodies help me to connect more. Sometimes the music is chosen by my clients. They decide what sort of music they would prefer to listen to during the session. What is so fantastic about John’s Alphamusic™ is that the therapy versions are about an hour long, making them very useful to use as background for treatments. I play Alphamusic™ during the entire therapy session. The music tends to take you on an incredible journey. John’s music does that very well. It tends to be for clearing the deep problems related to the chakras. Alphamusic™ is good for me also as I am an experienced rebirther. During the session music connects you with different emotional things. When the music is being played it is like some strength or sound has been capturing you and connecting you with something inside yourself. Music does have an impact on rebirthing.

natural therapy aid

Debbie Amas, Rebirther

I find this music very sensitive. It takes me back to a very still point in myself. It makes me feel very calm and helps me stay grounded. My energy flows much better within the tunes of Alphamusic™. My clients positively react to this music as well. It relaxes them and takes them to a still place. When I listen to this music in my home after tiring, working day, I can relax and drop into meditation. It helps me meditate better.


Felicity Cook, Voice therapist, Energy Therapy practitioner

I had a very emotional client who cried during her session. She even wasn’t aware what was going on in the background. It moved her to a place where she was able to release her energy that she had blocked for many years. I would definitely recommend ‘The Alphamusic™ of John B. Levine’ it’s very different from the any other music that’s out there and I think it would be wonderful for everyone to experience it. It gives the opportunity for everyone to help release their emotional blocks more freely.

music for therapists

Heather Strehse, Reiki Master, Certified Holistic Health Counselor, Energy and Vibrational therapist

I fell in love with John’s music and decided to invite him to Houston so he could share his talent with my friends and students. They all loved it. I even had to open up a special class where only Alphamusic™ is played. Normally I play this music at the end of my classes, during the final meditation. In this class I also play it at the beginning, before we begin our practice. All my students agree that this music has a very soothing and relaxing effect on them and it contains a very special element which comes from the intention of its creator, which is to open up to love and healing. And I believe that’s part of John’s mission. I feel very tender sweetness that I believe resonates from his gentle thoughts. I recommend John’s music to everyone who wants to incorporate meditation and relaxation, so I think it should be every single person on this planet!

music for yoga

Jennifer Buergermeister, Yoga Instructor