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My Little Sea Shell vol1 - natural music remedy to get your baby to sleep fast. Helps with night terrors.

my little sea shell Recommended for mum and babies, night terrors
A natural remedy so you know your baby will sleep safely through the night. Our calming, soothing Alphamusic will do the trick. When you search for products to help get your baby to sleep there are a myriad of books and products and some of them are really good, but how do you know which one to turn to? Obviously a CD has no side effects, does not contain any medication or herbal remedies, and doesn’t take weeks to get into a routine, you can be playing the music tonight if you are able to download it and play it through some speakers. You can also request a CD delivered in the post. Having a baby in the house can be a stressful time for mom and dad as well, so how about trying a free sample of my music for parents as well.

Free My Little Sea Shell sample to listen: Click Here

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Reported Listener Benefits

* Sleepless, fretful babies quickly settle
* Toddlers love it at rest time
* Makes bath-time and bedtime easy
* Children aged birth to 7 quickly fall asleep
* Separation anxiety, night terrors – see DailyMail feature
* Well loved familiar melodies with soothing Alphamusic woven in
* Read Why Alpha Music is a better option than drugs

Composer and pianist, John Levine, based this work on the centuries–old use of pentatonic and lydian scales. Musical tension builds up slowly with no rush or rough discords. The spherical sounds can bring you to an alpha state within 4 minutes.

John Levine has vast experience as a composer and as a teacher of meditation. He believes that music has a powerful effect on the brain and can be designed to induce specific positive changes in mood and behaviour.

Listeners of any age will be delighted in these complex and calming recordings. As this delicate yet complex music moves lyrically from one plane to the next you will easily pick out the unmistakable refrains of nursery rhymes and lullabies from your own childhood. In the My Little Sea Shell volumes, the John Levine’s original intent was to create alphamusic especially for mothers, babies and little children. He has succeeded in this and much more. John Levine has combined universal and traditional children’s favorites with the calming scales and sound patterns of Alphamusic, in noisy classrooms and playrooms. My Little Sea Shell quickly brings about a settled, focused atmosphere.

An excellent background for children preparing for sleep. Children aged seven and under are especially responsive to these CDs.


Helped babies who had sleeping difficulties both get off to sleep more quickly, sleep more soundly and wake later. Mothers are thrilled.
Amanda Gordon MAPS BA(Hons) Clinical Psychologist, and Director of Communications, Australian Psychology Society

I love it! I am saving it for our special time when I will have my pregnancy and also during delivery.
Alison Stoykovich, Fundamentals, Byron Bay, Australia

Samantha was lying in her cot, fractious and crying and not settling down after her feed and bath. Katerina reached for My Little Sea Shell and played it quietly on the CD player. A few minutes later the room became quiet, and baby Samantha stopped crying. Katerina couldn’t believe her own eyes, because her husband Ken was sleeping! Fifteen minutes after him, Samantha fell asleep too. This was unbelievable. The Alphamusic really worked! Not only for my baby but also for my husband!
Katherina Pyankevich, mother