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Processed Foods - XXIst Century Plague

Let's focus on the processed food problem.
In a study published in the journal BMJ Open, scientists found that nearly 60% of an American’s daily calories
come from "ultraprocessed" food.

Scary? What about that? Report further reveals that Americans get less than 1% of their daily calories from vegetables! That is really scary!

Do you think that other countries differ? Not at all. UK and other European countries, Australia, Asia - we are all the same. We all consume dreading numbers of processed foods. Then we complain about obesity, heart problems, sleeping problems, ADHD, cancers and so on so called lifestyle diseases.

I've just heard a story of a child who consumed one pack of jellies daily for few months. You should have guessed what happened to this child. Not only he put on weight but sugars in those jellies made him hyperactive.

Wonder why your child is so hyperactive and have ADHD? Think about processed foods and sugars. Have your child consumed it latterly? (Pizza, snacks, salty chips, sweets, soft drinks?) Does it ring a bell? What about vegetables and fruits?

I know that you will now say - I am busy, I work 24/7, I am tired after work - don't want to cook, don't like cooking - prefer ready made (so called processed foods) with lots of yummy preservatives and flavor enhancements. Bon Appetit!

What I want you to do now and what I want to achieve by saying all that, is for you to learn how to cook - cook healthy.
It's not a rocket science at all.

Everyone can do it. So do you!

So let's start...



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