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7 Reasons Why Alpha Music is a Better Option than Drugs

Alpha Music is a special type of music designed to put the brain of the listener into an alpha state. This state is produced when we are calm and relaxed. In alpha we naturally have a better command of life, our health and our moods. We are able to think more clearly, consider responses and perhaps make more creative decisions, with better long-term results. These factors are directly related to reduction in stress, increased concentration, creativity, intuition, perception and immunity level,
as well as to the processes linked to heart rate and breathing regulation.

According to EEG research done in Medicina Center in Krakow, Poland, four to twenty minutes of Alpha Music switches the brain from a beta to an alpha state. This research was repeated twice, confirming the findings.

Prescription Drugs
According to the WHO more than half of medicines are being prescribed inappropriately, which further leads to health hazards and addictions. In 2010, the total spending on medicine was 887 billion US dollars. It is estimated that by 2021 the drug market will increase
to over 1.4 trillion US dollars (

Misuse of painkillers represents three quarters of the overall problem of prescription drug abuse. This is on the rise among elderly people and is considered one of the most difficult addictions to treat.

Apart from addiction, the side effects of taking medicines include:
- nausea
- upset stomach
- skin irritation
- drowsiness
- dry mouth
- internal bleeding
- gas
- headaches
- problems with memory
- weakness
- changes in appetite which can lead to obesity or anorexia
- infertility
- cancer

Some of the drugs do not undergo proper testing and the actual side effects may not be seen
until years after people have begun consuming them.

Why is Alpha Music a better option than drugs?
These 7 reasons will explain why.

alpha music
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Reason 1
A Natural Approach

Alpha Music is a natural remedy that has been reported to significantly improve sleep quality; increase sleep duration and sleep efficiency; reduce sleep disturbance; shorten time needed to fall asleep; improve concentration and focus; reduce symptoms of ADHD and hyperactivity among children and teenagers; reduce stress and anxiety; help with depression and diabetes; help with phobias; help parents get babies and children to sleep; and it has whole lot other health benefits. Many lifestyle diseases such as, for example, diabetes, are caused by diet and lifestyle. Becoming overweight, eating the wrong foods and limiting fruit and vegetables in the diet, a lack of exercise, too much stress or insomnia, in many cases leads to the development of lifestyle diseases. Instead of working to discourage such lifestyles, doctors focus on treatment, prescribing drugs that help in the short term but do not eliminate causes. Alpha Music will focus not only on treatment, but also on prevention. Along with Alpha Music, other natural approaches should be applied in order to be successful, such as a healthy and balanced diet, beneficial environmental factors and proper education.

Reason 2
No Side Effects

Whilst medicines are reported to cause side effects, natural methods such as Alpha Music are considered safe. This remedy entails absolutely no risk. Your brain focuses on what you hear and electrical responses switch the stressful beta waves into calm alpha waves in a natural way.

Reason 3
Science and Research

Danuta Andrzejak, an EEG (electroencephalography) technician from Krakow, Poland, recently witnessed a case in which a man's speech improved significantly as a direct result of sound and music therapy with Alpha Music. The patient, aged 27, had been referred by his psychologist for EEG testing as his speech was incoherent. He spoke so quickly that people found him unintelligible. Results from the EEG examination showed abnormal brainwave activity that was irregular and erratic. In response to these findings, the psychologist prepared a biofeedback neurotherapy program. The program lasted approximately one year during which he had 60 sessions in total and an EEG reading afterwards. The last few sessions used music, specifically a type called Alpha Music. After this music therapy he underwent another EEG examination. The results were phenomenal. His basic activity went to 11-12 Hz, the amplitude slightly lowered around 35 uV, and, importantly, his alpha brain wave rhythms were very regular. This in turn improved the patient's speech significantly. He is now reported to be speaking clearly and more slowly.

Alpha Music has produced incredible results with schoolchildren’s performance. A study by Cambridge graduate Rob Bridgman investigated the impact it may have on hyperactive and disruptive behaviour in schools. The two and a half week study focused on a group of ten comprehensive school boys aged 12-13, all identified as having behavioral and attention deficit problems. The results showed that lessons accompanied by Alpha Music saw a decrease in distractions, or ‘off task activity’ of over 60%.

Reason 4
Cost Effective Solution

Alpha Music is a cost effective solution to health problems. Once you purchase your favorite tracks at an affordable price, you don’t need to jump into a store to keep on buying the same tracks repeatedly (unless you are happy to support the work we do).

Reason 5
No Addiction

Alpha Music achieves a goal of maintaining the interest of the listener by subtle use and manipulation of:
- Choice of modal scales
- Management of melodic fragments
- The play of repetition and variation
- Subtle shifting of harmonics and harmonisations
- Induction and subtle shifting of harmonic resonances
- The removal of a typical beat and tempo

Reason 6
No Change of Behaviour

Alpha Music has been proven to work well in ADHD and hyperactivity treatment among teenagers. Michele Blatchford reported that her 12 year old son, who had been on ADHD pills for a few months, showed a dramatic behavioral change. The move to Alpha Music stopped the outbursts of violence in a natural way without causing any changes to the child’s behaviour.

Reason 7
Professionals Recommend

Many professionals and therapists across the world use and recommend Alpha Music. One advocate of Alpha Music is a health and nutrition expert with a psychology background, Patrick Holford. On seeing the effects Alpha Music had on himself and his family, Patrick decided to spread the word about this natural, drug free product.

Alpha Music boosts and enhances every therapy. From stress relief among dental patients, who in many cases are free of the sedative effects of dental treatment, to relaxing tunes for massage therapy.



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