Relax and unwind
with Alphamusic™


Music therapy is a great way to influence your thoughts, clear your chakras and can lead to improved health and a more balanced life. For hundreds of years music has been known to influence mood, brain function and health. Calm and positive music is a motivator to inspire and uplift, and may bury the negative and sad emotions that lead to illnesses. The work of experts such as John Levine, a pioneer in music sound therapy, has shown that listening to the right style of musical sounds can make significant differences to many aspects of life including health.

Scientists have investigated this phenomenon and seen that the brain’s electrical signals are strengthened or weakened in accordance with our mood. So altering our brain’s electrical waves through sound therapy can influence our state of mind and health.

John Levine, inventor of Alphamusic sound music therapy, uses a brainwave altering method in his compositions thanks to his knowledge and experience in sound engineering. The principles used when composing Alphamusic are taken from Western and Eastern civilizations giving it a unique quality.

When you wake up in the morning after a good nights sleep, you wake in an alpha brainwave state. Though it can last for the entire day, in today’s busy and demanding world this is rarely the case. This is where Alphamusic comes in. It transforms your unhealthy stressful beta brainwaves into a peaceful haven of alpha waves. You can play Alphamusic in the background all-day or just when in a stressful, anxious or negative mood.

Christmas is a perfect time to play Alphamusic in the background. The music shall calm you down and help prepare much better for Christmas as well as shall make this special time even more relaxing. Christmas stress and anxiety shall float away quickly!


Silence of Peace vol1

    silence of peace
  • Stress, Anxiety, ADHD, Concentration
  • Dyslexia, Dementia, Pain Relief
  • Autism, Animals, Phobias

Orange Grove Siesta

    orange grove siesta
  • Insomnia Busy Mind
  • Insomnia Children
  • Creativity, Collaboration

Silence of Heart

    silence of heart
  • Depression, Phobias
  • Insomnia depression related
  • Grief, Loss, Emotional Blockages